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Gravure Printing

gravure printing

Gravure printing, also known as rotogravure printing, is a printing process that utilizes engraved cylinders or rollers to transfer ink onto a substrate. The rotogravure printing process does not use printing plates but instead, the graphics are engraved directly into a metal cylinder. Large copper plated steel cylinders are engraved with the chosen design using …

Ghosting In Offset Printing


Ghosting in offset printing refers to a printing defect where faint or unwanted images or patterns appear on the printed material in areas where they should not be. These ghost images are typically lighter and less distinct than the intended image and can create an undesirable and unprofessional appearance on the final printed piece. There …

The Effect Of Dampening Roll In Offset Printing

Trục nước dampening roll

The dampening roll in offset printing plays a critical role in the offset lithographic printing process. Its primary function is to apply a controlled layer of dampening solution or water to the non-image areas of the printing plate. The dampening solution serves several essential purposes, and the dampening roll’s performance has several significant effects on …

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